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Use of layering, multimedia, and experimenting with tracking movement in a stylized manner.


Michael Carini | Color Theory & Acrylic Alchemy


Connectivity across time and space, but above all between people, is a preoccupation of the current generation of emerging artists. Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander’s participatory installation I Wish Your Wish was suggested by pilgrimage practice at the church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfirm, Salvador, where visitors are offered ribbons that they tie to thier wrists and knot when they make a wish. Tradition has it that the wish will come true when the band falls off. Neuenschwander began with a group of friends writing short statements expressing their fondest wishes, which she then silk screened onto brightly colored ribbons, creating a mural-length array of ribbons hanging in dense rows from small holes drilled into the gallery wall. At each installation, visitors are invited to take the ribbon that comes closest to expressing a wish of their own, attach it to their wrist, and wear it until the ribbon disintegrates. They may also write a wish on a blank srtip of paper, to be passed on to the artist, screened onto a ribbon, and added to the next installation. First shown at the Museu de Arte Moderna Aluisio Maglhaes, Recife, Brazile, in 2003, the installations have proven popular elsewhere, including at the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh (2008).

Source- Contemporary Art, World Currents

By: Terry Smith


Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, American Landscapes:

  • Good Housekeeping, 2009. C-type print; 60 × 48 in.
  • In Style, Marie Claire, Black Book, 2009. C-type print; 60 × 48 in.
  • America’s Next Top Model, 2009. C-type print; 60 × 48 in.



Artwork by S.T.L. on Flickr.

#1 Leader
#2 Birches
#3 Gold
#4 Ages


By Stephanie Ho


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